Klein Farm is proud to raise FREE RANGE CHICKEN & TURKEYS that are family cared for and raised naturally WITHOUT HORMONES and MEDICATIONS.

Although our chickens and turkeys are not certified organic, they are fed a WHEAT AND FLAX DIET that contains NO ANIMAL BY-PRODUCTS and are FINISHED ON GRASS. At Klein Farm, we whole heartedly believe in ALL NATURAL and HEALTHY nourishment. Our chickens and turkeys are not certified organic.

Our chickens and turkeys are very well cared for and are HUMANELY raised. We take pride in providing them with a STRESS FREE environment consisting of lots of room to roam, aiding them in their growth and development.

We have all cuts of chicken, including whole chickens, half chickens and bird in a bag (which is a whole chicken with the carcass removed for you). Our chicken breasts come with the tenders still attached and are large enough to feed two adults. Our turkeys are available for preorder prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas… Be sure to get your name on the list as they sell out fast!

We sell 7 kinds of artisanal chicken sausage that are NITRATE, FILLER, AND GLUTEN FREE. Only one of our flavour combinations has dairy in the recipe. The chicken used for our sausages is all hand de-boned and our sausages are made with collagen casings. Alberta Industrial Mustard (AIM) is an ingredient listed in several of our sausage recipes. AIM is a ground, de-heated mustard that is used in our sausages as a binding agent.

At Klein Farm we adhere to strict government guidelines and pass all government inspections.

Our customers can be assured that when purchasing any of Klein Farm’s products they will know that they are eating the highest calibre chicken or turkey available.

We take pride in providing our customers with the finest possible products.


✔ Free Range ✔ All Natural ✔ Horomone Free ✔ No Medications
✔ Wheat & Flax Fed ✔ Finished on Grass ✔ Government Inspected

Whole Chickens

No giblet bag, just rinse and roast!

Half Chickens

Cut down the backbone. Includes 1 breast, 1 drumstick, 1 thigh, & 1 wing.

Bird in a Bag

Carcass removed. Includes 2 boneless skinless breasts, 2 drumsticks, 2 thighs, & 2 wings.

Boneless Skinless Breast

1 breast per package, with tender attached. 


4 thighs per package.


6 drumsticks per package.

Chicken Wings

10 wings per package or available in a 4 lb bag.

Ground Chicken

Contains only boneless skinless breast meat.

Backs, Necks, Hearts, & Livers

Available on request.

Chicken Sausage

Rosemary Garlic
Like having stuffing & chicken in a sausage!

Spinach & Feta
Our only sausage that contains dairy.

Great in soups & pasta sauces!

Our spiciest sausage.

Amazing breakfast sausage; comes in 2 sizes.

Features saskatoon berries from our orchard.

Apple Cinnamon
Yum…need we say more?


Professionally Packaged

Our poultry is professionally packaged using industry standard processes to ensure freshness and adhere to food safety standards.


Klein Farm accepts preorders for Christmas and Thanksgiving turkeys. Don’t wait, these sell out fast!